Being an animator allows me the freedom and flexibility to express any idea to the world, the power to create worlds and characters at my fingertips is pleasurable. The best feeling is creating memorable stories that people will appreciate; this fuels my dedication to this craft.

An animation project I decided on was based purely on action, I wanted to see if I could create a feeling of being crushed by overwhelming odds. Finding a good reference about this guy being crushed by a bolder I eventually had to change it to a guy running from his housewife to make the idea more unique and relatable but the original ideas was still there. From there it was just a matter getting the scene together and animating until the animation was refined enough to my liking.

Currently I’ve been exploring character animation to refine my skills in that area for my selected career. I’m always open to learning new tips and tricks when it comes to animating. Rigging is an area I would like to venture to make my animations unique and improve my worth as an animator. My future ambitions are to be a valuable member of a dedicated team for games, feature movies or episodic shows.

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